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Practising with jobtestpreps tailormade drills, study guides and test simulations can help you earn a top score and get your career off the ground. Compass test training for android free download and. Review each lesson and complete the practice questions at the end to prepare for the test. The software provides 34 training modules to help you succeed in even complex task setups like dynamic radar test or multi control test. Ace your pilot aptitude test to get your career of the ground. In support of growing general aviation, compass rose aviation will match dollarfordollar, money donated to the foundation to support one high school senior per year with a private pilot certificate.

Skytest preparation software for middle east pilot screenings. Compass practice test free compass help and secrets. We have practice test downloads in all three academic skills assessed on the compass. Guidance material and best practices for pilot aptitude testing. Studying the material on this site will help you improve your score on the compass math assessment test. European pilot selection and training epst, a leading ftotrto and pilot selection specialist based in the netherlands, developed compass which is a computerised pilot aptitude screening system. They do not assess your knowledge, but rather your. Get your copy of the pilot aptitude test guide and learn everything you need to know to prepare for the tests. Because compass is a computer based pilot screening and selection system, there is no human intervention in the tests or results. The instructor taught this student and documented over 25 training items. This test, the computerised pilot aptitude screening system, is often taken at pilot assessment centres.

Before you click start quiz make sure you have a piece of paper and pen ready, the test will commence immediately below once you click start quiz. Selecting pilots, or rather screening pilot candidates, which have the appropriate set of skills to become a commercial aviation pilot is a difficult and time consuming. Download pilot aptitude test guide osm aviation academy. It instantly gives a very clear picture of a candidates aptitude. Compass pilot selection and screening test aviation focus. Understand this key compass practice test question. Free advanced compass and pilot aptitude tests for pilots. Ive been using the skytest software on my android tablet but find it somewhat buggy, and given the price for them, should be inexcusable. Nov 16, 2017 10 airline assessment hacks given by captain joe captain joe. Aptitude tutorials for the pilapt, compass and wombat aptitude tests.

The exam is a testing assessment of the required skills for students entering college. Many airlines use the compass test because it can measure a lot of the skills required to become a pilot accurately. I really wish i had something like this when i was doing my tests, so instead, i thought i. There is no question what went on during that training period. Spatial orientation test latest pilot jobs provides the. Free compass practice tests from enjoy our free, noregistration practice tests. Fluxgate compass test the first part of troubleshooting a heading issue associated with a magnetic north seeking compass is to ensure that items capable of producing a magnetic field have neither been positioned nor installed within 3 of the magnetic north seeking compass. The answer to your current question will determine the next question. Although it is said that everyone has a natural aptitude which can not be surpassed, we believe you can only reach your natural.

The compass tests include modules in reading, writing skills, essay writing, math and english as a second language esl. A dropdown box at the end of this form offers two options. Compass information request borrell associates, inc. Move on to the practice tests once you complete the study guide. Practice aptitude tests designed to help you fully prepare for an airline pilot assessment. Compass is available to ftos and airlines through aviation focus. Here are some compass math sample questions from our compass practice math download. If you havent already, you can see upcoming events and book your pilot aptitude test here. All pilot candidates are screened using the same baseline allowing the test results of different pilot candidates to be compared. This app provides an effective training to practice the 4 relevant tests of the compass test program, which is part of the emirates airlines pilot.

Hi everyone i have done and passed the advanced compass test and it goes something like this. Advanced compass is a test battery for the assessment of experienced and licenceholder pilot candidates only, information on the compass test for abinitio pilots can be found here. Easyjet defers delivery of 24 airbus a 10 apr, 2020. Pilot compass test insights to the computerised assessment. Aptitude testing sometimes referred to as psychometric testing is used to measure an individuals ability to complete a task at a given competency level.

The act compass test is a placement test that many colleges use in their admissions processes. These tests are just examples and are not the same as the comprehensive test battery offered by the pilot aptitude assessment centre. The compass test is a tool they use to identify candidates that have a good chance of passing the pilot training programme. Weve created a free study guide with lessons on the most important topics youll need to know to score well on the prealgebra and algebra portions of the compass test. Aviation australia has comprised a group of sample psychometric tests and made them available for practice. Download alphacard printer drivers, firmware, tools, and. The compass test is a selfadjusting, multiple choice test that is taken at the computer. Before you click start quiz make sure you have a piece of paper and pen ready, the test will. Right is a student pilot s first flight lesson logbook entry using compass. Over 17,000 candidates worldwide have participated in a compass computerized pilot aptitude screening system since its inception in the 1990s. Thats 23 or 900% more items than our student with the tradition pen and paper logbook received. Compass pilot selection and screening test compass pilot selection test opening screen. Compass tests are various and aim to assess at the candidate cognitive abilities to anticipate its likelyhood of. The test is made up of several components, some of which assess similar skills to the tests you may have taken earlier in the process.

Today we will learn all about the orientation test and how to best prepare for pilot aptitude tests. Commercial pilot aptitude test orientation youtube. Compass test preparation software for pilotslatest pilot jobs. Your task is to identify the position and course of an aircraft relative to a non directional beacon with the aid of a gyrocompass and a radio compass. Compass test results show a score for each tested skill. Consequently the test is untimed and has a different number of questions for each student. The pc version might be much more stable, and the ability to connect it to a joystick and rudder pedals is another plus, except you lose the portability. Skytest preparation software for middle east pilot screenings is a comprehensive software preparation suite for pilot screenings hosted by middle east and panasian airlines. Aug 14, 2018 the compass test is a tool they use to identify candidates that have a good chance of passing the pilot training programme. Its easy to navigate features and embedded intelligence is amazing for both students and instructors.

You are not allowed to use a calculator for this test but you can use some working out paper. A higher score will let you skip the most basic university math classes, saving you money and time. Welcome to compass rose aviation wichitas finest flying. Download alphacard printer drivers, firmware, tools, and more. Like pilapt and adapt, advanced compass is a highly popular method of assessment of licenceholders and experienced pilot candidates. Learn about the compass exam and be prepared for test day. It consists of various computerbased skill targeted tests that will evaluate your prof. Compass test consists of a set of psychomotor and psychotechnical tests in the fields of computerized pilot tests, verbal reasoning, mathematics and physics. Our free compass sample tests provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are prepared for the real compass test, and then focus on the areas you need to work on. Compass pilot selection faq the compass pilot aptitude testing system is a computer based aptitude test for both abinitio and advanced pilots.

We also provide cuttingedge technology to flight training organisations, airlines and military institutions to test pilots and analyse training. Pilots need to be able to work with a computerised information. Numerical reasoning aptitude example tests for pilots. Before you start pilot training take our pilot aptitude test to see if you are cut out to be a pilot.

The types of assessments used for pilot roles include psychometric, aptitude and psychomotor skills tests. Pilot aptitude test, pilot aptitude test free jobtestprep. Access theoretical questions and prepare for your pilot aptitude test on ios and android devices with the copilot preparation app, created by pilots. Compass is used by ftos and airlines around the world to screen and select pilots based on their aptitudes. Download all the drivers, firmware, tools, and more that you need for alphacard pilot, compass, pro 100, pro 500, pro 550, pro 700, pro 750 id card printers. Jun 04, 2014 check out our new pilot aptitude test product video, created to showcase the plethora of features included with our subscriptions. Download this app from microsoft store for windows 10 mobile, windows phone 8. Hello everyone, did any of you take the compass computerized pilot aptitude screening system test. Colleges use the compass test for different purposes, including. Compass test practice questions free compass test study guide.

Test drive a preselected market, or cruise through your own market. The software features 38 comprehensive training modules to prepare applicants for aptitude and psychometric tests they will be asked to take at the screening sites. Whilst we provide a few free numerical reasoning practice aptitude tests, if you are looking for some more thorough preparation for your upcoming pilot assessment, with 12,000 numerical reasoning practice questions, wed highly recommend you visit our jobprep partners, who offer pilot specific packages. As you will see when clicking on the answers link at the bottom of the page, our compass math download shows comprehensive, stepbystep solutions and explanations. Airline preparation pilot tests aviation australia. We hope you enjoy the guide and find it helpful in preparation for your first step towards a career above the clouds the pilot aptitude tests. It consists of various computerbased skill targeted tests that will evaluate your proficiency for each skill.

Pilot aptitude tests do not directly test applicants ability to pilot aircraft. Compass is the most comprehensive flight training software i have ever seen. You can check out the preselected market data immediately, but the latter option seeing data from your own market requires a co pilot and usually takes a few hours before we can muster one. Pilot tests 202021 practice tests free aptitude tests. The compass test is a pilot aptitude screening system used by different airlines and flight schools in order to assess the skills required for an airline pilot. Aptitude is a natural attribute it can not be learnt or acquired nor is it a measure of knowledge or skill. Selecting the best candidates for pilot training, type training or pilot employment is a difficult, delicate but extremely important task. On the epst website they only say that the math involved is multiplication, division, subtraction as well as speed, distance and time calculations. Start preparing with free practice exams for pilapt, cute, and other pilot tests. This product is designed to provide dedicated training for the aligned testing standards set by feast i, feast ii and sureselect frameworks. Just one test question can determine whether you continue in the employment process. Pilot aptitude and psychometric test preparation airline. Download pabt pilot aptitude battery test game tips by ssbcrack.

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