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Bandcamp, a popular music streaming platform and online retailer, gave the public a first look at its new oakland office thursday. The final work from visionary musicians johnny igaz, aka nackt, who lost his life in the ghost ship fire in oakland, california last year. Kate coysh daniel borman james meyer thaddaeus perkins justin ennis. Live in oakland by dax pierson, released 19 july 2019 1. The space, a few steps away from the 19th street bart station. A digital screen embedded in one row shows more album art in a running live feed of global online sales. From hell aleister sinn vocals and lead guitar stephen paul goodwin bass guitar steve smyth lead guitar wes anderson drums from hell is a heavy metal horror concept band in which each recording is intended to be its own horror story. Brilliant future by syndicate, released 31 december 2019 1. The worlds tracks world tour mixtape part 2 by the world published on 20161115t23. The world reddish lp by the world, released 25 march 2019 1. Stream tracks and playlists from the world on your desktop or mobile device. The ugly too many exes, released 05 january 2019 1. Inside bandcamps new oakland venue, record shop and. The severed genitals of every rapist hang bleeding from these trees 3.

Bandcamp daily your guide to the world of bandcamp. Jan 17, 2019 the first thing visitors encounter at the new oakland offices for bandcamp, the popular music streaming and merchandise platform, is a rotating display of 99 vinyl lps, each cover shown outward. Before sunrise oakland band rays return to the fray with their second album, you can get there from here, their first release since their eponymous trouble in. Includes unlimited streaming via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac. The sound feels classic, obvious and anachronistic. The world is also putting out their new mini lp, reddish, which brings to mind essential logic, liggers, twelve cubic feet. Rays you can get there from here, released 09 november 2018 1. Kill your landlord the worlds a postpunk band, sure, but theyre also a dance group, a wild and revolutionary art collective, sounds from the past catapulted to the future. This oakland trio makes spineprickling, visceral noise with live drumming.

Buzz or howl sessions by adrenochrome, released 28 february 2018 1. Work under the assumption that our loss will be mocked. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Srsqs pulse began after the death of kennedys closest friend and taut collaborator cash askew, a casualty in the sudden and tragic oakland ghost ship fire of 2016. Baton rouge, louisiana this is a compilation of several splits and eps. In early 2018, from hell began demoing tracks for their second album which will be entitled rats and ravens. The year is 2016 and the world offer the only glimmers of hope in a city rapidly transforming into a wasteland of artisanal. Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it. Lead year zero recorded between bogota and oakland. Managerial material 7 by the world, released 11 november 2016 1. The first thing visitors encounter at the new oakland offices for bandcamp, the popular music streaming and merchandise platform, is a rotating display of 99 vinyl lps, each cover shown outward. How oaklands experimental music scene became queerer, browner, and more femme on bandcamp radio tasty gems from around the world, plus interviews with kaitlyn aurelia smith and nick hakim.

Let the words spill over and become the foundation of our world to come, our world to come. Their music feels undeniably familiar and yet it is quite hard to describe precisely, some tracks draw from neoromantic influences while others tend to sound more like fmrock. The latest from jim lauderdale is exclusive to bandcamp, its songs drawing on bluegrass, country, and classic american music. Young miranda by skymelt, released 17 march 2020 1. Wound world part 1 by moira scar, released 16 march 2018 1. Bandcamps new space in oakland draws welcome, concern from. Oakland by bandcamp city guides, released 07 april 2015 1. Ccr headcleaner, daisy world, and performance by eva hannan with music by power exchange ball 4 in oakland, october 14th with the world, evil twins. Michael treloar guitar clinton roach bass keenan ondra drums james lord feo berumen vocals split w deathgrave, released 17 march 2015 1. For the angels dont take your physical abilities for granted, for you can lose them, with a snap of the neck, pierson chants, as the manipulated vocal loop meets dense, orchestral synthesizers and undulating drones that. For the launch of the bandcamp city guides, we are pleased to shine a light on a city thats often made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The world the world is a french popnew wave trio from rouen, france, formed in 20.

The store will feature a selection of lps that showcase the diversity and design of the albums available on bandcamp. The year is 2016 and the world offer the only glimmers of hope in a city rapidly transforming into a wasteland of artisanal toast. Social distancing by kev choice, released 10 april 2020 1. Genra crazy by genra, released 17 april 2020 verse 1 illmatic with the rapping until my body collapses im prone to some mental lapses misfires with my synapses maybe im crazy the whole world has gone crazy but never mind what happens or what life is throwing at us keep the hate outside the gate of my holiest apparatus fugaze fools trying to type play me look at the. Beast by replica, released 24 june 2014 you claim to be cast from stone but you are human after all better yet, a beast in mind straying farther from mankind beast beast mode a depiction of grotesque rumination hidden by a seamless guise you looked upon your own world with ravenously sadistic eyes beast beast mode. Psychic eye an independent label supporting dark wave dark punk electronics experimental noise ftp oakland, ca between worlds by vortex empath xen, released 27 march 2020 1. Dance of death moira scar is postpunk freakdeathrock trio of lulu gamma ray synthesizers, vocals, aimee s drums and roxy monoxide guitar, vocals, sax from oakland, ca. O horizon by silent era, released 16 november 2017 1. Inside bandcamps new oakland venue, record shop and office. The world without you is challenging me to listen deeper. From maggots to fly 7 vinyl 45rpm limited 0500 recorded. Nelly on guitar and vocals, and alisen boada on guitar.

Smiley is rebecca pate on drums, sierra wendt on bass and vocals, h. Ahhh, michaels music is still the gold standard against which all solo bass is measured. Electroacoustic world music birthed from the sea foam of the mediterranean, aegean and black seas, steeped in timeless love worn tales, legends of old and fables of new. First world record by the world, released 06 october 2017 1. Composite jasmine watson guitar heather blotto drums sami fink vocals jordan springman bass artemisia, released 23 may 2017 1. Bandcamps new space in oakland draws welcome, concern. Ill learn to discern what is our own grief from whats manufactured to cause a feeling for their advantage.

Hot shopper by the world, released 06 october 2017. With eastern melodies, dramatic orchestral sections, otherworldly ambience and deep bass grooves, stellamara is at the forefront of contemporary world music, giving fresh. A digital screen embedded in one row shows more album art in. Flooded ep by the customers, released 10 april 2020 1. Throes perception has become a commodity, the powerful will use you as a tool. Driven by loss, srsq became the vehicle for kennedys transformative process, exploring nuance, nostalgia, reflection, and reconciliation, manifesting in the aural landscape. Sentient ruin laboratoriesus, shove recordsiteu, trill kommandus, the path. The freqs the freqs were a boston based band intent on delivering high decibel raw energy through a couple guitars and a drum set. Although long in the shadows of neighboring san francisco, oakland is a city embedded with a rich cultural history.

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